Founder & Barre Instructor

Taryn Morris

I began my barre instructor journey teaching at a studio in Cape Town. I loved inspiring people daily through high-intensity workouts, watching as each person moved closer to achieving their personal goals, this was until the country-wide lockdown in my home South Africa.

As a result people could no longer leave their home to come to barre but I did not see that as a reason to stop so I decided to bring barre to them.

My online barre community quickly grew, with users loving the live workouts and the fact that it was innovative and user-friendly which left them wanting more. That is when Raise the Barre was born, giving exercise lovers a safe space to workout, share progress, and be guided to reach their goals and all doing so with passion, energy, and the love for your body. My classes are known for their high energy, creative choreography and upbeat music. My goal is for RTB members to look forward to working out and to have fun whilst doing so.

I believe that we are all on our own fitness journey, you should never compare yourself to anyone else. You can only do better than you did the day before, and as long as you keep pushing and you believe in yourself you can only go forwards.

It's time to Raise the Barre! Xx

Founder & Barre Instructor

Taryn Kerr 'TK'

Taryn Kerr 'TK' is a Royal Academy of Dance trained ballet dancer who achieved a distinction for her Advance 2 examinations. However, her fitness instructing journey only began in University, where she studied Health and Medical Journalism with a specific interest in how exercise can be used to treat depression and anxiety.

After starting an all-female fitness bootcamp, she progressed to teaching High Intensity Interval Training at well known facilities in Johannesburg. Her interest in sport spans from pilates to ultra distance triathlons, from yoga to trail running. For TK, Raise The Barre has helped her find her love again for dance and how the human body responds to movement. She believes that RTB not only allows people to not enjoy a change in their form but also helps them to find the fun in fitness. She hopes to share her passion for sport, exercise, and movement with the RTB family and wants to make a positive impact on your fitness journey. Her quote-to-live-by: "We don't workout because we hate our bodies, we workout because we love them!”

Barre Instructor

Bianca Botha

My dance background is sculpted from ballet, contemporary and modern dancing syllabuses which I completed to the advanced level. These dance forms have continuously been part of my life which ignited my passion for the benefits and formula of barre over five years ago. I took up instructing barre in Cape Town and thereafter Johannesburg where I had expanded into teaching various other forms of fitness classes over the years.

Barre has provided me with a balance of hard sculpt training, muscle strengthening, and body toning. My classes are high energy and filled with positive encouragement, creative exercises, and the touch of a dancer's flow. I feel that Barre is not only about having a full-body workout but also feeling the endorphin benefits and crafting gratitude for your body.

Barre Instructor

Micaela Tucker

I am an Actor and Musical Theatre performer. Having recently completed my honours degree in Dramatic Arts at Wits University, I decided to relocate to Cape Town to further my training at LAMTA Musical Theatre Academy. While in Cape Town, I underwent my Barre Instructor training where I qualified and taught weekly in 2021. I am is best known for my leading role as ‘Jessica’ in the SABC1 series Makoti. When I am not on the screen or stage, I am sweating it out in a Barre, Yoga or HIIT class. I am a health and fitness fanatic and with an intensive dancing background including RAD and Cecchetti Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Horton and Tap. I make an effort to incorporate mindful movement as a “non-negotiable” part of my everyday routine. I am so excited for Raise The Barre to be included in my daily ritual!

Barre Instructor

Skye Kampmann

My barre journey started in 2019- I was completely unfit and absolutely terrified, but decided to try a barre class and have never looked back. I was hooked- exercise slowly became an integral part of my life and I slowly grew stronger and more confident in my abilities. 

I became an instructor because I know exactly how scary it is to walk through the door, but I know equally as well that there is absolutely nothing to be scared of! My goal is to create a fun, challenging class where everyone feels comfortable to start where they are and encouraged every step of the way. I can't wait to Raise the Barre!
Barre Instructor

Althea Van Rensburg

I began my fitness journey when I took up ballet at the age of 5. I studied and trained under the Royal Academy of Dance until the age of 18. My passion for exercise grew as I expanded my workout regime, branching into running, weight-training, yoga, cycling, and boxing. My love for fitness led me to involving my friends and family in my various workouts, I then discovered my love for training and motivating others. Upon discovering Raise The Barre, I immediately fell in love with the supportive environment, holistic culture, and, of course, the amazingly sweaty workouts. Exercising is still seen as a chore or punishment for so many people, and my goal is to show that working out can and should be enjoyable!

Barre Instructor

Simone Britz

My fitness journey started as many have, during lockdown. Once lockdown was lifted I joined the gym and I was training up to 5 times a week. A year into my new found passion I started Barre and have never looked back. To further challenge myself and push past my comfort level, I decided to train to be an instructor. I am so excited and grateful to be part of the incredible Raise The Barre family, where we encourage everyone to come as they are and raise their Barre! 

Barre Instructor

Johan Dippenaar

I am a Performer and creative entrepreneur , after various titles in Latin and ballroom dance I completed my B-Tech Degree in performing arts from TUT. From there, there was no other option than to incorporate a fitness journey alongside such a physically demanding career path. Sharing stages in some of the biggest shows and companies, both locally and internationally. I am a firm believer in that whatever life throws at you, you should be able to handle it mentally and physically.

I fell in love with Barre after my very first class, I love the creative workouts, energy and welcoming experience made me feel right at home and knew this is where I belong. 

My goal as an instructor is to prove that no matter the fitness journey or level you are on, you need Raise The Barre!

Barre Instructor

Natasa Sakota

Growing up, I was super sporty. You would always find me on the netball court, running around the athletics track, or tap dancing to every beat. I completed advanced AIDT examinations for both modern and tap dancing as a teen.


My fitness journey started in 2018 when I became a HIIT group fitness instructor, 5years later I am still instructing!


Today I hold a Bachelor of Design and practise as an Interior Designer. Keeping active keeps my creative juices flowing, builds physical strength, and allows me to break away from my busy work schedule. 

As a Barre instructor, I aim to inspire, motivate and encourage others that no matter what, it is so important to keep your body and mind moving.

Barre Instructor

Zanele Malindi

I started barre only a few months ago, and became immediately hooked. I have played sports and been active throughout my life. It’s always been important to me to feel strong and confident in my body. I have a strong dance background doing ballet, Spanish dancing, contemporary and rhythmic gymnastics which I represented Gauteng and South Africa. This coupling has made me strong, but also the dancing softness and flare, which is what I bring to my classes! I joined barre with a bunch of friends, and it has been such a positive, social and healthy addition into my life. I can't wait to create that space for others, and mostly, just have fun!

Barre Instructor

Rosanna Heydenrych

Dance and movement has always been an integral part of my life.
I completed my classical ballet exams to the advanced level and also trained in modern, Spanish, and Irish dance as well as rhythmic gymnastics. The sense of peace and positivity that I found in my personal yoga practice led me to complete 800 hours of yoga teacher training, giving me the skills to share my passion with others.
Yoga serves as a mental release but I soon found myself gravitating towards barre and pilates too, as they give me a challenging, full body workout while still providing that deeper connection and release in both the body and the mind.
To me, RTB combines everything that I love - dance, yoga and pilates, and it brings the joy, flow and fun back into exercise. I feel so excited to be able to share something that brings me so much happiness and fulfilment with clients

Barre Instructor

Boo Finger

In 2021 when Covid struck I took the opportunity to devote my entire being to exercise, to get those endorphins running, to get into better shape, to be motivated, but most importantly for my mental wellbeing. I watched Raise the Barre be born and transform through social media and this is when I absolutely fell in love. I knew from my first online class that this form of training was for me. I was so inspired by the founder Taryn Morris, her motivation and her passion ignited something in me and this is when my Barre journey began.
Becoming an instructor for RTB was something I have always wanted to achieve. It has sculpted and toned my body and gets me on an absolute high. I am so delighted to be a member of the RTB family, to motivate people, to make them feel wonderful about themselves through a form of exercise that absolutely lifts one's spirit

Barre Instructor

Basia Le Roux

I have a love for people and moving my body and there is no better expression of these two aspects than Raise the Barre.
I found Barre to be the perfect compliment to my other two favourite forms of exercise, running and yoga. I am a trained Vinyasa yoga teacher and took part in ballet throughout high school. My classes are fun, friendly and filled with a few laughs to ensure endorphins are pumping. RTB has become a space of personal growth for me, the workouts are challenging and energizing, the environment is supportive and inclusive and there is always a smile to be shared.